Apps. Do they make your life easier or harder?

I remember when Applications for phones first came about. Just a tool to simplify your life, or at least that’s what they said.

There was a time when I think I had at least 50 apps on my phone, all running at the same time and draining my battery.  I could barely find the app that I wanted to use when it was time to use it. Is this what they call, simplifying your life?

There are a few good apps that I would strongly recommend, they do make my life easier and less complicated.

I am a huge fan of a messenger app called ‎WhatsApp. This way of messaging people is convenient, and simple to the user. Also, it’s free and compatible with an iPhone and Android. I also love my Spotify app. Interestingly enough I used to be a huge Pandora fan. Spotify is handy in a way that you can find millions of tracks in a moments time, whether that’s relaxing or working out. You can also let Sportify surprise you, create a station or see what your friends are listening to.

What type of apps do you like to use? There are really no wrong answers here but I’m curious to see the apps that aren’t on my radar. Drop me a note below and share with me your favorite apps. To the person that gives me the best advice I will in turn give them a special accessory for their smartphone.