Falling 🍁 for iPhones

I cannot believe this is my 3<sup>rd</sup> and final blog! I hope everyone is doing well. With September coming to an end, I’m feeling like this year has blown by. <img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-116093" src="https://nakedmobile.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Picture2-250x300.png" alt="" width="250" height="300" />I had an exciting summer; from camping trips to fun times night fishing at the lake. Being a “Social Driver” has really given me the opportunity to get out and enjoy summer. I very much enjoyed this experience. I was a little nervous and scared at first, but after sharing a few photos with our audience I became more confident. As we approach Fall, I’m excited to see the trees change colors, getting dressed up for Halloween and eating delicious Thanksgiving turkey. Fall brings new festive colors and I’m excited to see what new images and videos I can capture with my iPhone 12. Goodbyes are hard, so a farewell will have to do. I hope my last “nerd blog” convinced most Android users to try an iPhone. I’m excited to see the release of the iPhone 13! I suppose I’ve become a bit of a geek on iPhones. Until next time… Xo Matilda Poyer


Matilda Made the Switch from Samsung to iPhone

Hello all, my name is Matilda Poyer and I am a Sales Representative at the Cellular One location in Farmington, New Mexico. I’m honored to have been selected to test the new iPhone 12. I’ll be honest with you, […]


The Samsung Galaxy S21+ Another Impressive Smartphone

Hey, my name is Lenny and I am testing driving the new Samsung 21+. I received the handset two months ago and I’ve taken over 100 pictures! This handset is great for young adults who love taking photos and videos in the moment. With the Samsung S21+ each […]


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra #TeamAndorid

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Falling in love with the Samsung S20 Ultra

Hello, my name is Ramus Bia or “Ray” from the Chinle Store. I am currently testing and falling in love with one of Samsung’s best top tier flagship smartphones, the Samsung S20 Ultra!  It’s enormous in size, has a […]