Cali Love, thank goodness for Smartphone technology!

I love the feeling of cold water trickling through my toes, the cool ocean breeze, and the salt mist spraying my face, while I try not to get a sunburn as it beats down on my skin.

Gosh, I love California for this reason. As a kid we would visit the California coast annually during the summer months. We would spend days body surfing, boogie boarding, surfing, riding beach cruisers, making Sandcastles, reading books, reapplying sunscreen, and just enjoying good old family time on the beach.

Going to California brings back so many good family memories from when I was a kid. To this day, I enjoy visiting the coast whether it’s to sightsee or visit family that lives there. I try to make a point to visit at least twice a year. Luckily, it’s not that far of a drive and with smart phone technology, it makes it that much easier to get places. I Google Mapped the drive, and it showed me alternative routes to take. There were a few options, and we finally decided to go with the 6 hour and 49 minute route.

It’s funny, because when I was a kid, I remember us getting lost trying to find our campground just outside of LA, and in those days all we had to help us was a physical map. You know, the ones made with paper? You can easily fold them up and store them in your glove box.

I can still vividly remember my dad somehow getting us stuck in a residential neighborhood on top of quite a large hilltop and getting very frustrated trying to maneuver our camper out of a tight spot.

Luckily, we managed to get out of that less than ideal situation and two hours later we found the campground we were supposed to be at.

All I have to say is thank goodness for Google Maps, and the Maps App for iPhone. Without these modern conveniences, I think there would be a lot more stories like this to share.

I’m curious, what do you use your map option for the most on your smartphone? Is it to get you to work in the morning? Maybe map out your next vacation? Comment below!