THE ICONIC iPhone 11

<!-- wp:image {"align":"right","id":86016,"width":130,"height":258,"sizeSlug":"large"} --> <div class="wp-block-image"><figure class="alignright size-large is-resized"><img src="" alt="" class="wp-image-86016" width="130" height="258"/></figure></div> <!-- /wp:image --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Hey y’all! Lana here from the Tuba City store! Excited to give you more info on the iPhone 11! Well just a dash of it, as there is so much to do on an iPhone with the latest iOS 13. So far, the virtual assistant Siri helps me with my everyday life from work and home very convenient. Did you know that “Siri” means, “beautiful woman who leads you to victory” in Norwegian, interesting right?! But any who, Siri helps by sending messages, checking the weather, making a note, setting a schedule/reminder to myself to do later in the day or week, and asking questions to get the answers I need. You could also ask for directions to get to your destination, ask what song/artist is playing in the background of your surroundings. This is cool: while trying to look for a photo you are trying to locate in your gallery, there is no need to constantly scroll up and down your pictures to find it, just ask Siri! Search by activity, scenes, by date, and/or by location. A distinct way to re-live the moments you captured. What I found surprisingly easy was telling Siri to text someone for me in my contacts, like my mom, dad, brother, sister, spouse, all handsfree! Also adding the “Relationship” to your favorite contacts makes it easier for yourself to send a message ASAP! I swear, Siri makes everything effortless to navigate your apps in your iPhone and/or iPad.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>While looking into the pre-installed apps, I came across Apple TV. In the Apple TV app, you can add movies and it shows in your watch list in high definition! Instead of constantly searching for an app that lets you rent/purchase something to watch there is no need for that with the iPhone. This app is already installed on the phone.  And better yet, you can be notified when your favorite TV show is available to watch!</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>What I loved most about the iPhone is using the Apple Pay. Apple Pay makes purchasing your items fast and simple, all you do is add your credit/debit card to your Apple Wallet and “tap” when you are ready for checkout in the store. It is a contactless way I recommend while purchasing your items in a public area. It’s safe and secure to use because only YOU can use the Apple Pay on your phone. It can only be activated by passcode or face recognition.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Want to study or take online courses on your own to enhance your knowledge in a subject you love? The iPhone has an iTunes U app pre-installed! You can search from high school courses to college/university courses on your iOS. There’s podcasts and numerous academic categories you can view or listen to.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>What still amazes me is the camera on the iPhone 11. The video quality is amazing, day or night. The close ups and landscape views are stunning. The video recording is at an exquisite sharp 4k video at 60 fps. The camera features have two modes, the regular 12mp camera view (1x) and the ultra-wide view (0.5x), both will automatically adjust the lighting and the noise reduction on their own to get that crystal-clear photo. It also has the “pano” feature AKA panorama view and the portrait feature. The portrait view already has features of its own that are set; all you do is “choose”. Choosing from one of the featured names: natural view, studio light, contour light, stage light, stage light mono and high-key light mono. Another neat feature is the slo-mo video recording. You can record videos and play them back which come out incredibly clear! You’ll also have an option to record the video in HD 240 or HD 120. I recently found out that the iPhone 11 has a new feature where you can take a slofie! Slofies are videos that you record using your selfie cam! It is a cool feature to try out when you’re exploring your camera features in different places.</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Finally, I highly recommend the iPhone 11! It is the perfect iOS you need in your life! You cannot beat the security, the picture quality, the valuable cost and the pre-installed apps for YOU! Your iPhone experience becomes serene once you imprint onto the device, you will not be dissatisfied. I guarantee it!</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph -->


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