Checking out the Pro Grade Camera on Note 10+

I was using an iPhone XS Max, and just recently I converted to a Samsung Note 10+.  I’m enjoying the awesome specs of the Note 10+ camera. There is so much you can do with the 4 cameras on the phone. YES, 4 cameras!! My last Samsung phone was the Galaxy S4 before switching to iPhone. It looks like I’ll be switching back to the Samsung family after all. 

With the 4 cameras available on this Note 10 Plus, I can take clearer pictures. The handset features a 10 MP front camera to capture the perfect selfie. The back camera has a 16 MP ultra wide lens which is perfect for capturing a whole landscape or that “picture perfect sunset”.  It also features a 12 MP wide angle and 12 MP telephoto lens. You are probably wondering, “telephoto?” I thought the same thing. A telephoto lens lets your capture objects in the distance and use portrait photography mode. Think of it this way: you can catch photos of wildlife or sporting events from a distance. Way cool!

The camera features a ton of modes the user can navigate through depending on what kind of situation you need to capture a photo in. I personally enjoy the night and food mode. The night mode is remarkable, allowing the user to take photos any time of the night, resulting in visible images. On a full moon night, I was able to capture a landscape photo that included stars shining. The food mode snaps the photo with so much detail you can almost smell your BBQ. I was able to capture grilling this past weekend, the smoke coming from the grill, and the ribs sizzling. The details the camera picked up were so on-point that even looking back at these photos my stomach is starting the growl. Now I’m getting hungry J

If you get the chance to check out the camera on the Note 10+, you will not be disappointed. With the pro grade camera, you can be a professional photographer.