Cheese Boards. If you haven’t heard of them, they are absolutely de-licious!

I thought I would experiment the other night because I had company coming over. I attempted to Google different dishes that are supposed to surprise and delight guests, and nothing stood out to me. 

I searched Google for stuff like, impressive dinners for 4 people. You wouldn’t believe the items that came up. Amazing dinner rolls, 4 ingredient cranberry sauce and Mediterranean chicken. Okay, hold the phone. Do any of those items sound impressive? I don’t think so.

Luckily, when I got married, I thought I would be fancy and put on my wedding registry a cheese board. I was not expecting to get one because, who puts a cheese board on their wedding registry, right? Not only did I get one cheese board, but I got two. I thought to myself, what a great time to bust these out and make an impression. Plus, who doesn’t like meat and cheese?

It was all in my head and I envisioned it all looking like a masterpiece. But man, phew, these are a lot of work. I was on my Pinterest App getting ideas from other “pinners” on how to incorporate different cheeses with the right amount of fruit and veggies without going overboard. There are people out there that look like they do cheese boards for a living. I just could not compete with that kind of skill. 

There were a lot of helpful hints from these Pinterest Boards. I found out that mixing different kind of nuts help balance out the pallet. Who doesn’t like pistachios, almonds or cashews? Sorry for all those who are allergic, you’re missing out. 

Long story short, I don’t think my company was expecting such a display for dinner and were delighted by such a nice surprise. I’ve included some photos below of my cheese plates. What do you think? Did I hit the nail on the head with these two showstoppers? Maybe I should start my own Pinterest Board. I’ll call it “Just 2 boards and some cheese”.