Falling in love with the Samsung S20 Ultra

Hello, my name is Ramus Bia or “Ray” from the Chinle Store. I am currently testing and falling in love with one of Samsung’s best top tier flagship smartphones, the Samsung S20 Ultra! 

It’s enormous in size, has a super powerful camera setup and backed by a huge battery.  

The display is a 6.9” inches of Dynamic AMOLED screen with a centered and minimal cutout for a front facing camera. Colors and black/gray tones seem to pop so much better with the Dynamic AMOLED screen. Videos and movies are cinematic. I’m enjoying watching videos pertaining to the latest in tech and indulging in Sci-fi movies. Pop out videos and split screen on this huge phone allow you to multi-task. It’s pretty cool, I’m able to take notes while I watch videos. I am always trying to better myself, whether it be a new dish for dinner, specs on the latest devices, and even vehicle repairs and upgrades from YouTube. 

My favorite part of the phone is the camera. Each one of the 4 cameras on the back side has its perk. Since the pandemic hit, my Nikon has been gathering dust in the closet because I’ve been using my smartphones to capture moments. I’m always looking out for certain landscapes as I enjoy using the wide and ultra-wide-angle cameras on the backside. The 108 Megapixel lens captures the most detail allowing you to crop pictures, yet retaining that clean crisp clear picture. My favorite is the zoom lens, although it is capable of 100x digital zoom, I get the best pictures at 30x or less. I’ve never had a smartphone that could zoom 30x and still get amazing shots! Pictures with zoom just seem to capture a different point of view from an everyday shot. I am still exploring the video portion, but 8K videos are crispy! Not to mention, grabbing a still shot from an 8K video is still super sharp. (Make sure you follow Cellular One’s Facebook page and Instagram to see some shots I have taken!)

Best part of this phone is its ability to multitask. I am constantly running 10-15 apps throughout the day. 12GB of RAM (Random Access Memory which allows more instant memory for apps to run smoothly) makes flipping through my most used apps easy and not missing a beat! Speaking of smooth, how about the 120hz refresh rate of the screen? It’s like butter! 

I also had to activate my Samsung pay! Why? It’s secure and very convenient, so convenient that it can be used at every credit card reader, old and new. No need to look for “Apple Pay accepted here” signs (LOL).

This phone can customize for individuality and uniqueness. I am still finding new things to make this S20 Ultra my own. There’s the customized always on displays, custom alerts, edge lighting and personalized home screens. And more native widgets to Android and Samsung. 

When my busy day ends, I normally still have decent battery life. With the S20 Ultra, comes the Super-Fast Charging 25-watt charger. 30 minutes gives you 50% charge and the handset is also capable of charging faster with a 45 watt-charger – you’ll have to purchase this separately. Did I mention the S20 Ultra can reverse charge? Activate the Wireless Power Share, turn the phone over and wirelessly charge other devices that can charge wirelessly. I use it to charge my Samsung Watch and Samsung Buds. All I need is one charger when I travel! Totally convenient! 

I am still exploring this handset and exploring the new recent Android 11 and One UI 3.0 software updates. I sure hope you enjoyed reading about the S20 Ultra that I am currently testing, more to come soon, stay tuned. #TeamAndroid