Flagstaff High School Class of `18 Student Faith Lee Wins Naked Mobile’s #Wanderlove Scholarship Challenge

(FLAGSTAFF, ARIZ.) May 2018 – Faith Lee is excited to graduate this week from Flagstaff High School and looks forward to beginning her studies in nursing this fall at Coconino Community College, thanks in part to being named the winner of the #Wanderlove Scholarship Challenge, presented by Naked Mobile. Students who chose to vie for the $1,500 scholarship were challenged to answer questions about what they would do if they could go on a three-day Wanderlove adventure.

#Wanderlove is Naked Mobile’s original branded content series that showcases life on The SuperNetwork. Short form video episodes of off-the-beaten path adventures—hosted by spunky NAU alum Samantha Krechel (a local Flag resident) and the witty Dapper Dre, a local Flagstaff DJ, can be viewed at Nakedmobile.com/Wanderlove. The series is also broadcast via Naked Mobile’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel.

Faith’s heartfelt family-focused responses to Naked Mobile’s #Wanderlove Scholarship Challenge (see excerpt below) ultimately won over a team of Coconino Community College Foundation administrators who comprised the judging panel.

“I would take my mom on my three-day road trip. I am always so busy with school and work it’s difficult to find time for the one thing that matters, family. My mom is the most inspiring, influential, and hard-working woman in my life and we’ve become so much closer over the past few years. I would like to do something special for her and be able to have quality mother-daughter time while seeing some of the most beautiful places.” Faith Lee

The scholarship winnings will benefit Faith as she works toward completing her Associates of Applied Science Degree (AAS) in nursing at Coconino Community College. Her career goal is to serve as a traveling RN around the country and the world! Faith’s scholarships funds will be applied toward her course tuition, fees and books for the 2018-2019 academic year Coconino Community College.

“We believe students like Faith can help bring about a brighter future, and we’re so proud to offer our #Wanderlove scholarship, which helps deserving students like Faith to afford their education,” said Naked Mobile CEO Judd Hinkle. “Naked Mobile is all about making life simple, easy, and fun—offering flexible pay-as-you-go access to our superfast nationwide network.”

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