I just recently converted over to a Note 9

STARY NIGHT Camping under the stars with my Note 9. This phone takes unbelievable photos, day or night!

Yes… me being an avid iPhone user. I think the last time I had an Android device was when I was in college using a Blackberry. I used to LOVE. my Blackberry! So, converting sounded easy.. well at least I thought.

I’ve decided to document my experiences using the Note 9 for the next month. I have some fun adventures planned so I’ll be able to capture different areas, landscapes and people.

My Note 9 adventures will include: Camping in the Sonoran Desert, gold panning in the Hassayampa River Preserve, hanging out on the Beach in San Diego… and some other fun adventures along the way.


CACTUS SUNSET Seriously, I felt like I was in a cactus forest… the colors when the sun was setting in the horizon was quite spectacular.

I am absolutely having a BALL using the camera on the Note 9. It took some getting used to, but the different features that are available are completely unexpected. The iPhone was using a lot “auto” focus, which works for situations where you’re trying to take a QUICKIE photo. If you have time and some patience the Note 9 has some great features to choose from. Panorama. Pro. Live Focus. Auto. Super Slow-Mo. Ar Emoji. & Hyperlapse.

Phew – that’s a lot of options. Now which one do you choose from?

I personally liked and enjoyed the PRO feature. There’s a Manual Focus that you can select so you don’t have the fumble around and it’s a QUICKIE photo. Otherwise, I definitely liked the “Filter” option. You can select from different filters to make your photo look Breezy, Vivid, Nostalgic, Soft, Serene and you can also pick different Tones.