Do you sponsor events or teams?

  Looking for Naked Mobile to Sponsor your Event? Naked Mobile has a long history of supporting the communities where we do business. To submit a sponsorship request, please complete and submit the Sponsorship Request Form to <a href="applewebdata://D01F2A83-4446-41E1-842C-99E481716D2A/">sponsorship@</a><a href="applewebdata://D01F2A83-4446-41E1-842C-99E481716D2A/"></a> <em>Keep in mind, all requests must be submitted 4 weeks prior to an event, so that they can be properly evaluated and handled in a timely manner. All sponsorships are looked at on a first come first serve basis in a weekly review meeting. We will contact those who are approved. </em> [gravityform id="2" title="true" description="true"]