Note 10+ for the win

Hey everyone, 

After using the iPhone XS Max and switching over to the Note 10+ and learning all the features it has to offer I have really enjoyed the experience. I’ve appreciated the 6.8” screen with movie apps and playing games. In a way the Note 10+ is like a mini tablet. 

For the past month I was able to capture some great photos with the three lenses. I’m still learning to use the pro mode on the camera. Recently, I was able to make a short video clip at the Tuba Store. I was able to edit the clip to play 2x faster and add background music. Lana (Sales Representative at Tuba City Store) and I had fun making the short clip that was recently featured to our social pages.

Another great feature to the Note 10+ that I discovered was I was able to personalize the Edge Panel. The panel allows me to add contacts and apps that I use the most. Edge Panel lets me access my favorites a lot faster and easier. 

The Google Duo App is also great with video calling. During this pandemic and with stay at home orders, I was able to keep close contact with family and friends.  Google Duo is fun to use and makes user experience as if the group of people are all in the same room. 

My experience with the awesome Note 10 Plus has been enjoyable. I loved all the features of the handset and highly recommend it. I know you’ll enjoy the powerful camera!

Thank you and stay safe my C1 family, 

Kyle Grey