Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra #TeamAndorid

It’s been an awesome 3 months being able to learn the ins and outs of one of Samsung’s top tier handsets, the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The S20 Ultra can simplify much of your everyday tasks. From Samsung Pass and its ability to simplify and not worrying about remembering numerous logins across multiple apps is a great thing. I’ve also learned to utilize Bixby more and more.

My favorite part of the S20 Ultra is the camera! It sits massively on the backside and it takes some super sharp images. The best part of the camera is the zoom. Majority of my pictures are zoomed in from 5x to 30x. Even with that kind of zoom the photos are still clear. Samsung Gallery has also been updated.  Don’t have time to jump into Lightroom for edits? Just use the edit button from the picture itself and begin editing. You can edit shadows, highlights and now object remover, you can fine tune your pictures and put your own personal stamp on your images.

Overall the huge super bright screen is pleasing, from videos, photo editing, to reading emails, the S20 Ultra has the RAM to multitask! Did I mention split-screen before? I am addicted, watching YouTube videos on the top half and replying to messages in the bottom half, it’s great. The S20 Ultra is definitely one of Samsung’s top Flagship phones that introduced 100X Space Zoom! #TeamAndroid