Samsung S10 Plus or the Note 10 Plus?

“Hey Everyone!!”

My name is Meressa Numkena and I work at the Winslow Store. Recently, I’ve been working at the Hopi Store while we are under COVID protocols 😊

I am here to give you a run down about the Samsung S10 Plus, that I am testing out for the next two months. I also carry the Samsung Note 10 Plus. I’ll be reviewing and comparing both devices.

First off, I am Samsung/Android user all the way! I may have slithered off awhile and joined the iPhone family, but I couldn’t get used to their functions. The Samsung 10 Plus was released back in March 2019 and the Samsung Note 10 Plus was released back in August 2019.

Did you know??

Both the Samsung Note 10 Plus and Samsung 10 Plus come with Bixby. Bixby comes to the rescue when you need something. Anything from describing your surroundings, playing music, finding a specific photo in your gallery or what the weather is like outside. For instance, when you want to play music from Pandora, Sirius XM or your playlist you can ask her to play that certain song that you are feeling or ask her what song is playing on the radio! 🎶 You can even set up your Bixby to your other “smart devices”. Last but not least, if you have a Samsung device & Samsung TV, Samsung watch or anything Samsung, it’s 10 times easier to connect your devices!

With any of these new smartphones now a days, these Samsungs do come with Samsung Pay and Google Pay. This makes paying easier and convenient for the “no touch” services that are more common in retail places due to the pandemic.

I have yet to use all the functionalities of the Samsung S10 Plus but I’m excited for the next two months to start using it to simply my lifestyle and to see the differences between my Note and the Samsung S10 Plus.