Samsung S20 Ultra…. one of the top cellphones on the market!

After using the Samsung S20 Ultra for 1.5 months, the S20 Ultra is still one of the top cellphones on the market today and one of my personal favorites!

The zoom function is still the best part of this camera! Although, it does handle macro shoots superbly the rest of the crowd cannot touch this phone for its zoom! 5x, 10x, 20x, 30x, and 50x zoom is great! Space Zoom to 100x capabilities; I tend to keep it at 30x or less in order to capture those awesome close crispy photos. Zoom can add so much drama to a photo! Try to zoom in on a landmark with a mountain in the background, that mountain will become huge! What a great effect!

Another great camera feature on this camera is PRO MODE! Pro mode allows you to tweak settings manually for the camera: shutter speed, exposure setting, focus mode and even the white balance. How is that cool, you might ask? Well, it’s pitch dark and the skies are clear. Take out your S20 Ultra, switch to pro mode, dial up your shutter speed to 30 seconds, set you white balance to 4200k, and set focus to infinity, with a very steady hand or a tripod, aim for the sky! The long 30 second exposure will capture the night sky like no other phone! Just like a mini DSLR camera right in your pocket

Aside from that super high tech camera, the next best thing to me is Bixby! Specifically, Bixby Routines. It is basically an “If-then” tool that simplifies specific tasks and commands. A great shortcut that can be added to your home screen as a widget for easier access. Right before bed, I toggle on my “goodnight” Bixby Routine. This simple toggle shuts off my data, shuts of my Wi-Fi, enables power save, and reduces screen brightness to 5%. Right beside that widget sits another toggle. When activated, it sets phone to vibrate and enables my “do not disturb”. It gives me the peace I need to get my rest at night, also it’s a great way to save on battery life while you rest. As for emergency dialers on the do not disturb, the 1st call is muted, 2nd call comes in with a ringtone. Great idea!

Biometrics. Facing a global pandemic and having to mask-up everywhere we go, it’s sometimes best we don’t mess with our masks. Since most screen lock now days are utilizing facial recognition, it has become annoying to need to pull a mask down to unlock. Well, the S20 Ultra has facial recognition AND under display fingerprint reader which can also be used to unlock your phone and access logins using Samsung Pass. Samsung Pass is the next best thing to keeping you login in ID’s and passwords safe.

Last of all, my favorite application is the Lightroom from Adobe. I am always taking pictures and adding my own lil stamp of ME makes all my pictures more unique to myself. This S20 Ultra shoots in RAW formats, it makes it super easy to adjust pictures from your smartphone without needing to transfer to a PC/Mac to edit. Since the Adobe light is a massive app that demands a super-fast processer and lots of RAM, the S20 Ultra handles this application smoothly. The Samsung S20 Ultra is my recommendation for those who are camera junkies like myself. #TeamAndroid