Shall we rely on Technology?

I didn’t realize how much I interface with technology until I didn’t have any service on my last vacation. 

I just got back from an amazing, absolutely spectacular trip to northwestern Montana. My husband and I like to do something fun every summer to make memories. This summer we decided to go camping at a place called Hungry Horse Reservoir. It’s a bit off the beaten path. Well, I guess it’s way off the beaten path. We were 45 miles down a dirt road. No running water, no electricity, and no cellular service.

Never thought I would say this, but the solitude was nice. It was weird at first. I started to think to myself, “Man, if anything happens to me out here, who would know?” That’s sure some terrible thinking there. What in the world did people do 30 years ago? I guess that’s just my millennial-mind thinking.

I never thought I would have such a pleasant time hearing the nearby stream flowing, the constant chirp of a squirrel in the tree and the snap of the firewood crackling while watching the sun dip below the horizon. Forget a day spa, I just needed to go outdoors; it was the perfect deep meditation this girl needed. 

Yes, I should be talking about technology and all things great about having cellular service but at the same time, do something for you. Find your happy place, find that “off” switch to reenergize and get that spunk back in your step. Stop to smell the flowers and watch out for that bear lingering in the bush. Sort of kidding.

Now that I’m home, I’ve gone back to my old ways. I found myself last night on IGTV watching Doctor Pimple Popper before going to bed. Yeah, if you’re one of those people reading this and asking, “Why is she watching that before bed? WEIRD!” Yeah, it’s odd, but I also know that there’s a lot of people out there just like me. Technology is easy to come by these days but don’t forget the simpler life. Suggestion: Try some outdoors.