Stay Safe, Stay Home

Hello my C1 family,

Hope everyone is doing well at this time and staying safe. I’m enjoying using the Note 10 Plus and still learning new tricks. Converting from an iPhone to a Samsung has had some of its challenges. 

During this time of staying home and staying safe, I’ve be utilizing my Note 10+. I’ve quarantine myself at our family homestead (located outside of Kayenta) aka “Sheep Camp”.  Thanks to the large 6.8 AMOLED infinity-O screen display, I’m able to enjoy movies on Netflix and Disney+. With the larger 256 GB internal memory I can download movies for offline viewing, which is amazing. I’ve been using the Note 10+ much more than I expected. Funny thing is, here I have a tablet but I don’t want to use it since the screen on my phone is big enough. Another cool feature with viewing movies on the Note 10+ is, I can use the mirrored feature and connect wirelessly to my TV. Screen mirroring is great when I’m isolated without internet or having Direct TV at “Sheep Camp”. All I need for quarantining is a TV, my Note 10+ and some delicious popcorn. 

Since I’ve been practicing social distancing, My Note 10+ allows me to enjoy the Star Walk 2 App at night. When the stars are visible and bright, I’m able to explore our star constellation and learn exciting things about our planets and meteors. Recently, I was able to view the Lyrid Meteor Shower; unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t perfect to use my night mode camera to capture any photos. The Star Walk 2 App gave me updates that the tiny lights were from the Starlink satellites launched by SpaceX. 

I am focusing on being hopeful and I believe that we’ll get through this pandemic by continuing to practice social distancing and be safe. If you are looking for a neat App to help you stay 6 feet away from someone you’ll have to check out the Quick Measure App J

Make sure you check out Star Walk 2 – I’ve included click below.



And of course, you have to download the Quick Measure App


iPhone: Still waiting on something to come out for this…