Strange Run in with Mica

I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Denver and stay in an Air BnB. This was a first for me, I had heard of Air BnB, but never actually experienced it for myself.

The mountain cabin was up in the Colorado foothills in an area called Lakewood. The weather was rather unusual. One moment it would be 50 degrees and hailing and 5 minutes later it would be sunny and 65.

This “so called” Air BnB was interesting to say the least. The host wanted to take both me and my friend on a hike/tour of her property the morning after we checked in. I thought it was bizarre because I only expected to stay for the night, not be friends with the host. Not too hard to ask, right?

We went on the tour just to appease the host. Interestingly enough, there happened to be a mine on the property. Back in the 1920’s, they mined Mica there. Mica is a sheet silicate mineral that has an appearance of a mirror. I was picking it up by the handfuls, I kid you not. Take a look at my photos, pretty crazy how this stuff looks in the sun. The camera on my Note 9 captured some good photos, but nothing compares to being there in person and seeing it for yourself. 

After experiencing a healthy dose of Air BnB host overload, I have to say my stay in the Colorado Rockies was an interesting one for sure. Can’t wait until my next run in with Mica. 

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