The Samsung Galaxy S21+ Another Impressive Smartphone

Hey, my name is Lenny and I am testing driving the new Samsung 21+. I received the handset two months ago and I’ve taken over 100 pictures! This handset is great for young adults who love taking photos and videos in the moment.

With the Samsung S21+ each photo comes out clean and crisp. You don’t have to go into the editing options to fix any of the photos. You can caption your photo with the AR Doodle (AR Doodle is a feature on Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Z Flip that uses augmented reality technology to let you draw in 3D with your finger). Take a perfect portrait of someone special with a marvelous background. The landscape option is wider so make sure you capture the photo on panorama mode. Have fun using the super slow-motion of someone going down the slide at your neighbor park, IT’s AMAZING!!! P.S. take a photo with the regular distance and position your desired zoom and crop to your liking, you’ll get a great photo!

And last but not least.. If you’re sitting on the passenger side and your driver is in a hurry, no worries! You can still capture a GREAT photo with the S21+ from the passenger seat going 70mph!! I kid you not, you’ll still take an remarkable shot. Thanks Samsung! They thought of everything!

The Samsung S21+ has spurred some creativity in me! It’s a solid smartphone with an impressive camera, powerful internals and a great battery life!