There is no match to the Samsung S10+

I am traveling between – Hopi, Holbrook and Flagstaff to fill in especially during these challenging times.  I have MANY customers telling me to KEEP STILL! You’re going to get yourself sick! I love my job and I sure don’t mind covering for other stores when I need to. Make sure you come visit me. I enjoy seeing friendly, familiar faces!

Did you know with the Samsung S10 + you can change the navigation bars on the phone? You can put them in any order any way you want. I decided to leave my navigation buttons as is. Why? Because I’m a lefty. The navigation bar is exactly how I want it, more convenient. 

Like all other phones, there is a “Finder” option on the phone that helps you look for Apps. The same goes for your text messages and looking through your pictures to certain dates, locations, and times.

On the Samsung S10 +, the front cameras look weird in the front. There is a feature on your phone that gives you the option to hide them. I decided to hide the front facing camera so there’s more space on my screen. The phone camera takes great pictures! Wide angles and zooming in on objects – it does a killer job!

Edge settings on the side of your phone home screen make it easier to get to your different apps. I have Facebook Messenger at my fingertips.  I need to make sure I keep in touch with my friends loved ones. The next best thing is my TikTok App (which might be going away), and third would be my banking App. 

Probably one of the best features about this phone is the edge lighting. Edge lighting makes the Samsung S10 + light up when different apps are being used. My son recognizes what each color represents. There’s a special color for someone calling or a Facebook notification. 

Do you ever forget your password on your phone or do you ever get locked out? It’s always best to add your fingerprint to your phone. This little tip makes it easier for you to get into your phone without those finicky passwords that we all forget. You can also add a secondary person onto your fingerprints. If you do this, make sure it’s someone you trust. Example: My oldest is on my fingerprints, but this is ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES*. 

I keep everything on a dark setting on my phone. This is nice on my eyes since I am on the computer majority of the day. You can adjust the lighting on your Samsung S10 +, so that it goes from dark to light depending on preference. 

There is no match to the Samsung Note 10 + display and perfect screen size. The Samsung 10 + still has an audio jack where some newer devices are doing away without them. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to deal with Bluetooth headphones. Samsung has a program that creates your very own emoji. The emoji helps clarify your emotions through text. Another plus is Samsung wallpapers that you can download and customize to your camera features. 

Cheers to enjoying the smaller, bigger things in life!