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By Samantha


That’s what it says on the website for Peach Street Distillers, located in Palisade, Colorado.

And you have to admit… it kinda makes you curious about this place, doesn’t it?

I honestly hadn’t ever heard of Palisade… until one night Dre and I were sipping drinks at a speakeasy in Durango called The Bookcase & Barber. The bartender Ashley mentioned that Colorado-made spirits and liquors were super important ingredients in the craft cocktails they serve up…

And according to Ashley, the little town of Palisade offers up some awesome options for thirsty wanderers like us—including locally-made craft gin, whiskey, vodka, brandy, and more! (Yes, beer too.)

To (once again) quote from the Peach Street Distiller’s website: “There’s something other-worldly about our little valley town, embraced by its huge mesas and the Colorado river running through the middle.  Nestled 4,727 feet up in the Colorado high desert, its unique microclimate of brilliant sunny days and cool, star-lit nights cause the fruits and grains that grow here to ripen into pure magic.”

My curiosity was piqued so I did some Googling, and according to the blog: a visit to Palisade isn’t complete until you achieve the “Palisade Trifecta” which means hitting all three bars in town– Peach Street DistillersPalisade Brewing Company, and The Livery (the town’s dive bar & Karaoke combo).  Challenge accepted!

Fast forward a few months. It was an unusually cold, windy, rainy night in Palisade—but Dre and I set out to tackle the “Trifecta”. Turns out the weather didn’t matter. We received a warm welcome at our first stop—Peach Street Distillers. It’s a cozy spot with friendly bartenders, really good local music, free snacks, kitschy keepsake t-shirts for sale… and of course big stills in the background. Since it turns out that Palisade is most famous for its incredible peaches we opted to try the Peach Brandy.

According to the distillers, “Twenty-six pounds of fresh Palisade peaches gave their all to make you this beautiful brandy.” So, we raise a glass out of respect. (Imagine sipping on pure sunshine. Yes, that’s how good it is.)

Next up? Palisade Brewing Company here we come. Beer that will make you smile—this is what they promise. And we found it to be true. With more square footage and soaring ceilings, this place is larger and more ‘airy’ than the intimate distillery we had just visited up the street. The massive mash tuns and fermenting kettles looming in the background give you the feeling you have stumbled into beer headquarters.

Naturally, there are a variety of brews always on tap—such as Laid Back Blonde Ale, Dirty Hippie Dark American Wheat, and Hula Hoppie Session IPA. But if you like to drink according to the season, they offer a lineup of seasonal beers like the heady Love Potion #6 Saison or the Let it Grow Scarlett Spring Double IPA.

After sampling a few brews we settle in with our favorites and order up some food too. I have to tell you: I have never tasted such an incredible Reuben sandwich in my life. Oh—that corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing— grilled to perfection between slices of fragrant rye bread. Definitely recommend it. Ahhhh—my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!

But the night is still fairly young and now, with full happy bellies, we head to the last stop of the night—The Palisade Livery Saloon. This will complete our Palisade Trifecta.

(Did I mention it’s all within easy walking distance? It is! No need for UBER, but you might want to have your flashlight app handy on your phone if it’s after dark.)

Every town has its dive bar, right? Well, here you have it. The Livery. And I must say—this one has it all. Legit ‘saloon’ atmosphere, straightforward beers and hard drinks, an intriguing mix of characters (the people-watching here is second to none)—and it’s all made complete with some serious Karaoke action.

In case you’re wondering… YES, Dre jumped at the chance to grab the mic. What did he sing for us? To find out you’ll have to check out our upcoming video episode about our Palisade Trifecta Wanderlove Adventure!

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