When in doubt, go solar

Don’t go anywhere without your mobile solar charger! At least that was what I was told 😉

I bought a solar charger with me when I knew I was going to have limited access to electricity. I didn’t think I would use it much, but instead I used it practically every day! I ended up charging my phone, blue tooth speaker, camera and other necessities.

My curious mind got to thinking: How long does it take to charge up from completely dead to a 100% fully charged battery? Since it’s solar and not a wall outlet, I thought I would put it to the test. Shockingly, it only took 40 minutes to fully charge 2 walkie talkies. Another cool feature was the external power bank. If you give it a full charge, you can plug your device into it without the solar charger present. It also doubles as a flash light, if needed. I used it one night when I couldn’t find my flashlight, to walk to the bathroom. I also grabbed my bear spray – be bear aware! 

All these nifty gadgets that people come up are quite handy, especially when you’re in a bind. 

There’s lot of different brands out there if you are looking at purchasing a solar charger. They range from $20 – $40, which is great for the budget. Be prepared, make sure you have a solar charger handy.