Why iPhone and not Samsung

There has always been a debate on which is best: Samsung or iPhone. Let’s be real, it all comes down to preference. I’ve always been an iPhone user; before that it was Blackberry all the way. 

One thing I appreciate about iPhones is the security feature. The security feature is built in, so there’s never a need to download an antivirus software. Samsung for a while did not have this capability. An Android user’s responsibility was to download an antivirus to the device. With so many Androids on the market today it’s hard to distinguish which antivirus App to download in order to prevent viruses. Using my iPhone 11pro I’ve had no issues with viruses or malware. I’m happy to say my information is safe. 

Working in a business where I am constantly in and around phones, I have come across lots of Android phones that have caught a virus.  When a virus is on a device the customer has lost all their information or, the phone has to be reset. This is never the best-case scenario, because what customer wants to have a blank phone with all their information gone?

There is also the debate between Samsung and iPhone users: FREE vs. COST. This comes into play when the discussion pertains to downloading apps and music. With a Samsung (Android) phone, there are endless options for FREE music downloads. But no one ever told you that this “FREE” download may come with a virus. Yep, that free download actually came with a virus. This virus has the potential of taking over your memory and you could lose all important information when a hard reset is performed. 

This is just one of many reasons why I am a huge iPhone advocate. #TEAMiPhone

Just remember: Some apps come at a financial cost; it is well worth it. Think of it this way: I would rather have my phone be safefrom viruses and malware than to have everything lost.

In the end, it is what you’re willing to invest in a phone. I personally want to invest in a phone that will not malfunction due to my own lack of security or antivirus. In a nutshell, my life and work revolve around my phone.