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Fall is approaching fast! As much as I would like to continue showing my work through this fantastic phone we have to jump forward to our next social media influencer.

The Samsung galaxy S22 is amazing! Let me say it again, outstanding! I honestly don’t think I could take better pictures like I did with other handsets. Definitely going to continue using my S22. (My iPhone might get a bit jealous) ha!

Being a Cellularone social influencer for the past three months has been fun! I used the phone more than I thought I would have. Such great features, even now I’m here using Micrsoft Office Word without any typing. I’m thinking easy peasy talking to my phone, just need to make sure I don’t ramble on!

I used my phone for social media, banking, movies, live streaming and music. I could hear my phone a mile away (might be exaggerating a little bit) ha! Speakers are very loud and bluetooth is easy to connect to your car, speaker, ear buds, watch, etc.

Technology has come a long way, now you have almost everything you need in the palm of your hands. Google has been a big help for me. Using the map, looking up recipes, how to’s with YouTube, backing up my photos, and so many other references for everyday use. I would definitely recommend the Samsung galaxy S22 without a doubt.

Cannot wait to see where my new favorite phone will take me.

Our plans just got better!

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