THE ICONIC iPhone 11

Hey y’all! Lana here from the Tuba City store! Excited to give you more info on the iPhone 11! Well just a dash of it, as there is so much to do on an iPhone with the latest iOS […]

ME, MYSELF and MY iPhone 11

Hey y’all! Lana, from Tuba City here! I wanted to share with you my experience so far using the iPhone 11. This is my first time trying out an Apple product. I used to live and breathe Androids. I […]

Note 10+ for the win

Hey everyone,  After using the iPhone XS Max and switching over to the Note 10+ and learning all the features it has to offer I have really enjoyed the experience. I’ve appreciated the 6.8” screen with movie apps and […]

Stay Safe, Stay Home

Hello my C1 family, Hope everyone is doing well at this time and staying safe. I’m enjoying using the Note 10 Plus and still learning new tricks. Converting from an iPhone to a Samsung has had some of its […]

Checking out the Pro Grade Camera on Note 10+

I was using an iPhone XS Max, and just recently I converted to a Samsung Note 10+.  I’m enjoying the awesome specs of the Note 10+ camera. There is so much you can do with the 4 cameras on the […]

Why iPhone and not Samsung

There has always been a debate on which is best: Samsung or iPhone. Let’s be real, it all comes down to preference. I’ve always been an iPhone user; before that it was Blackberry all the way.  One thing I […]

iPhone 11 Pro

Hey everyone, my name is Twila. I’m the Store Supervisor in the Shiprock, NM. I’m so excited because I get to test out the new iPhone 11 Pro. Not sure what kind of phone you want to purchase next? […]

Camera technology in your fingertips

I recently went on vacation and I was using my iPhone camera alot. It was easier than getting out my big bulky camera. However, I was having mixed emotions about how time extensive it was to unlock my phone […]

Shall we rely on Technology?

I didn’t realize how much I interface with technology until I didn’t have any service on my last vacation.  I just got back from an amazing, absolutely spectacular trip to northwestern Montana. My husband and I like to do […]