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Photo Credit: Becky Shorty

Becky’s S24 Ultra Blog

Being an Apple type of gal, Samsung has not let me down! I’m currently test driving the Samsung S24 Ultra. There are so many pros & very little cons to this awesome handset. At first impression, the phone is massive! It’s responsive 6.8” screen gives me the best TikTok & Netflix video streaming experience I’ve ever had with a smartphone. However, the size of the phone can be a con to some. It’s so huge, it can barely fit in my pocket.

The camera is exquisite! I find myself using the Space Zoom often. Even though you can zoom 100x, I don’t use the full zoom. Many don’t know this about me, but I have terrible vision! The zoom on this Ultra helps me see words from a far. This may seem odd, but for example, I’ll be standing in line at a coffee bar or fast-food restaurant & I can’t really read the menu from behind the counter (yes, that’s how bad my vision is!) & I just pull out my phone & take a zoomed in shot of the menu! Ha! It’s clear as day! The only con with this camera function, you have to have a steady hand to use the full 100x Space Zoom.

While riding on the back of a Harley on a bumpy road or when I’m out on a hike, I love taking videos. Let me be the one to tell you, the video stabilization on this smartphone is incredible! With all the bumps & turns or rugged terrain, I still manage to get some really good video content. Hardly any movement in the footage!

Another pro to the Samsung S24 Ultra is the speaker! It, too, gives me the best video streaming & music experience. I really don’t need my usual Bluetooth speaker when I’m jamming.

Oh my gosh! The S Pen comes in HANDY! I enjoy downloading & playing puzzle games to exercise the brain. While my fingers make mistakes at times, the pen is often handier at these games. It gives a more precise touch. When I need to quickly jot down notes, I simply pop out the S pen & use it in my notes app. For some reason, this is much more convenient for me than typing out my notes, & honestly, it’s a little more enjoyable.

These are only a few features that have made me view Samsung from a completely different perspective. Like I said, I’m an Apple person. It has been a pretty sweet experience test driving the S24 Ultra so far! I highly recommend investing in one if you’re thinking about it. It’s time to elevate your smartphone experience. You won’t regret it!

Starry Night
Monument Valley from the back of a Harley
Palm Springs, CA
Night mode at graduation

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