Naked Mobile is a brand product of Smith Bagley, Inc., dba Cellular One of North East Arizona. Naked Mobile parnters with 3rd Parties to increase its service area. Map depicts 3rd Parties’ and Naked Mobile’s coverage area.  Purple= Naked Mobile’s LTE coverage area; and Light Purple=Naked Mobile’s 2G/3G coverage area; and Light Blue=3rd Parties’ 4G/3G/2G coverage area; and White= areas with no coverage. Actual coverage may differ substantially from map graphics.  Within coverage areas, such things as terrain, weather, foliage, buildings, and other construction, signal strength, network changes, network traffic volume, outages, technical limitations, customer equipment and other factors may interfere with service quality and availability.  Naked Mobile does not guarantee coverage and service is not available in all places.  Roaming refers to usage while on a 3rd Parties’ network.  Nake Mobile is not responsible for the performance of 3rd Parties’ networks.  You may incur roaming charges while on a 3rd Parties’ network unless roaming is included in your Plan.  Carefully review your contract which explains the guidelines of your service Plan. Data speeds are not guaranteed. No tethering allowed unless specified in your Naked Mobile Agreement. All Naked Mobile One plans are subject to Naked Mobile’sFair Use Policy at