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As this season’s Samsung S23 Plus driver, I have to express in simple terms: I love the S23 Plus because of the awesome processor, the 8GB ram, the Display screen of 6.6 inches. In short, I love this phone’s big, bright, and responsive 1080 pixel screen.

The smooth elegant look, the fine finish edge, and the options I have available in the camera makes this item a must have. Come on now, the three main rear cameras are: 50 MP fl.8 main, 12 MP f2.2 ultra wide and 10 MP fl2.4 telephoto. The zoom max of 30x is impressive! Even I can’t believe how close I am able to bring the landscape and am surprised when I see the detail that my naked eye didn’t capture.

It’s hard to choose which series of Selfies on the S23 Plus in both the standard and portrait mode. The detail is excellent in both cases; I can never choose which to use, so I take plenty of shots in both modes. I marvel at the bright, crisp shots I take. As I review my photos I realize, “Lolita, it’s time to whiten those teeth, and ease up on your coffee.”

My favorite shots have been catching the colors of fire in the sunset, and as the distinguishing clouds erupt in purple, and fire colors, this camera catches that clean detail. Why allow these moments to pass you by?

I’m the type to stop and capture whatever catches my eye. Did I mention the awesome 256 GB of internal storage to help store all your memorable moments and to keep your apps and software up to date? Also, the option to store some important pictures on Google Photos means you will never lose those precious shots. Don’t miss out on having you own experience with this awesome device. All in all, it sure does an amazing job-capturing remarkable photos and storing them for a lifetime. Enjoy your own S23 Plus today!

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