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Hello, my name is Karmen and I’ve been the Social Media Test Driver for the Samsung A53 for the past 3 months. It’s been a good ride. I’ve learned so much about the Samsung A53, from the camera quality down to the internal memory and the hidden side features. One of the best features is that the A53 is compatible with the S Pen.

Let’s talk about the camera feature. I love how it has the fun photos option.  I edit a lot of silly selfies. This is my daughter’s favorite feature. For me it is the portrait feature because I took some amazing 8thgrade promotion photos of my daughter. The only thing I edited was the size. They came out as if a professional photographer had taken them. It’s all about the lighting.


Okay, Okay… I give the Samsung A53 five stars because it’s up there with a 128GB internal memory. It’s up there with the big dogs like the Note 10 plus and Samsung 20s, Samsung 21s, Samsung 22s.  We are talking about all the high end handsets. But the A53 has the most reasonable price, making this my favorite handset. I offer this handset to every customer that is looking for the best quality handset without breaking their wallet. I even let them browse to check out the camera and show them the hidden side feature. I mean my customers are WOWed about the lower price versus the higher end handsets.



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