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Hello, my name is Kevin Gray and have been with Cellular One for 7 years and enjoying every moment.  I’m a Sales Representative at the Chinle, Arizona location. I am excited to test the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and share my experiences.


What caught my attention was foldable component. It’s sturdy, durable and fits perfectly into my pocket, like a wallet. The hinge and frame on this device is called Armor Aluminum which Samsung claims to be more durable than before. This allows the user to have a peace of mind while using the handset. It’s also more scratch and damage resistant with a durable gorilla glass feature.  I haven’t tried out the water-resistant feature. It can go to depths up to 1 meter. It’s compact and when you unfold this device it turns into a 6.7” screen. With the folding capabilities it does present a crease, but that doesn’t bother me. The screen design was glass on previous models but has been updated to a plastic screen. The 120 Hertz refresh rate is satisfying and I received a smoother experience. The new display can get up to 29% brighter than previous model which is impressive. The cover display also received a big upgrade from last model: from a 1.1 inch display to a 1.9 inch screen with a resolution of 512 by 260, the size upgrade makes it easier to access widgets, all your controls and easier to read notifications without having to use your main screen.


I did some research on this model and the battery life lasts 6 hour 36 minutes of continuous use. The battery life can be expanded by deactivating some apps that you are not using. Honestly, the battery life was not a true worry for me. Using the Battery Power Saving Mode, I found was useful. When activated, it can expand the battery life when you’re at a 10% or less by giving you an additional 2-3 hours.


The Z Flip 3 has a storage life of 128 gbs. If you’re looking for more storage this handset also comes with 256 gbs. It’s also got 8GBs of RAM. The Samsung Z Flip 3 uses the Snapdragon 888. The front camera is 10 MP and has an impressive OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). I really like this feature especially when taking photos on the go and movement.  The 10x digital zoom helps me get some far images pulled in closer.


I am very impressed with this device and would highly recommend it. It’s so compact, durable, has great memory space, and the camera take qualify photos and videos.

Until next month.

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