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Seasons come and seasons go

So, I am out with the old Note 10 plus and moved to this compact handset in the Samsung Z Flip 3. Been a great, great, experience so far with this new season of life with this handset. I am sold on this device. Loving it thus far. Like old leaves fall from a tree away with the old Android and growing into this new Z Flip and new me. Connection with Cyber age as it evolves into uncharted depths that only our tiny minds can imagine. It’ll continue with this device and it will be tool going into the future.


Love the compact and feel of the phone. Small and great in my hands. Not big and does not take up space like my Note 10 plus. Can put it anywhere in my car in little compartments and small spaces. So if you are looking for a phone that is not big and that is compact, this is that phone. I hunt a lot and do not notice a big bulge in my pocket taking up space. Now I can slip it into any pockets without notice unlike my other handset which is great.

Bendable stand

Great tripod for photo shoots and the wave feature to snap a picture is great for selfie and pictures. I find this phone awesome, because I can go into live mode on Facebook and make great recordings without trying prop it against something. Just bend it and start the countdown with the videos you want to share on Facebook. Makes life a whole lot easier. Thank you, Z Flip. Great for hunt videos for oncoming traffic in the wilderness also. See them hunters come to the call.


So it looks like it will bend to break. First I was cautious about the bendable feature but I have folded and unfolded now and have confidence in the screen. Dropped like once and still ticking but did drop my Note 10 plus from the same distance and cracked it, ruining that phone. So I am not planning on any more drop tests. LOL. So I have kept it by myself or hidden by me with the compact design which is great. I do suggest an Otter box case for this device.


I do love the single take mode on the camera, been in love with that feature. Double tapping the side key will enable the front camera you will see yourself on the camera display screen which is great. The flip creates a lot of better angles without a stand. So it helps with better shots you could not get with a standard smart phone. Bendable wide angle shots for group selfies. Like the landscape detection feature also on the camera app. Tilt it up to fold and change the display and can use the front display to see yourself in the display screen. So if you like to blog interviews and have video blogs this is the phone for you.

Closing thoughts

So it has been great testing this handset. Recommend it for all your daily activities and family time, making memories one day at a time. Make that Kodak moment a special one. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! God Bless. Until next time.



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