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by Becky Shorty

I’m so glad I was fortunate enough to be selected as the social media test driver for the iPhone 13. I’ve always been a Samsung type of gal until a few years ago when I got the iPhone 11Pro. With all the updates that Apple has, it’s been a cell phone game changer for me! Now, I’m a permanent part of the apple family! I’m still learning a lot about Apple & I feel like I will always be learning something new & exciting.

There are so many cool features to the iPhone 13 that I have come across & that Apple has improved on, iPhone generation to iPhone generation. The camera quality for one, the filters, zoom, wide angle, & the video quality are amazing! Whether I’m catching the sunrise early in the morning, or I’m taking a panoramic pic at high noon, I know my pictures/videos are gonna have amazing, bright & crisp quality! I’m not big on the iPhone Maxes as most people, & I think that’s because I have small hands, so this 13 is the perfect size for me. It has a pretty good battery life just like other iPhones, I find myself charging it every other day. When I’m hiking, I get a little reassurance that the iPhone 13 is water & sand resistant. So if I drop it, *knock on wood* I know there’s that little protection. Another feature that has me hooked on Apple is the ability to track other iPhones or Apple products. I have an Apple watch & Airpod Pros, if I ever misplace them, I can location them both with my “Find My” app. I can also check the location of friends & family when I am not with them. I also share my location with them when I am away hiking or travelling, that way, if anything happens to me, they know where I am at.

My favorite feature on the iPhone 13 so far has to be the camera quality. I do a lot of travelling & hiking. The views I come across are just simply gorgeous & I want to capture as much as I can! Cinematic mode, when recording, gives me the freedom to focus on different areas in my camera frame at the touch of a finger. Portrait mode when capturing a photo up close, puts me in control of where I want to focus & the depth of the background blur when I go back & edit my photos.

I am looking forward to taking so many more pictures & learning so many more features of the iPhone 13!

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