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It has definitely taken me on a journey…

This handset will not disappoint you in memory (128 GB), screen size (6.1 inch), or the camera quality (50 MP). It’s so good, no need for a telescope! Plus, the Find my Samsung capabilities are a life saver!

Smart Switch allows me to transfer all my info quick and fast. My music, my pictures, contacts, and even the set up from the old device. This handset is the smaller version out of the S22, but I love it! From my iPhone Max to the Samsung S22, I love the size and it is just easier to store or even have in the palm of your hand.  Every chance I have, I take my phone out and take pictures.

The camera is amazing! Let me say it again: AMAZING!  It make me feel like I am a professional photographer that didn’t have to do very much with the pictures but just take it from an angle. And ta-da! Book me for your wedding or family pictures ha-ha.

I’ve had the phone for about 4 weeks and it is a phone that I would definitely use every day. I’m able to download just about every app that could help me.  I have customers or tourist in general who come in and want help with directions or activating a temporary phone while visiting the states. I just open an app that allows me to translate in their language and also into English. And they love it.

My phone recently went to jail. Yes you read that right. Ha-ha. I’m glad I activated Find My Mobile through Samsung. I actually lost the phone and through that app I was able to locate it. I called the phone and a sheriff answered saying my phone will be at the police station and I could pick it up there. Never did I ever lose a phone like that.
So far the Samsung S22 is treating me great. I just have to make sure I do the same ha-ha

Now let’s see where it’ll take me next…stay tuned…

Our plans just got better!

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